The House of Hopes and Dreams – Summer Reading Challenge Week 6

How is the 6 weeks over already?!

Over the 6 weeks I have read 9 books and completed my first 24 hour readathon. There are reviews for each of them in my previous posts as well as a post about my readathon experience.

I have finished the challenge reading a book by the same author as I did in week 1. This time it was The House of Hopes and Dreams by Trisha Ashley, which just like the first one I read was brilliant and I will be definitely be reading more of her work. A full review will be posted below.

Here is an overview of the books I read and the rating I gave them out of 5 stars.

• The Little Teashop of Lost and Found Trisha Ashley ꙳꙳꙳꙳꙳
• Chasing the Sun Katy Colins ꙳꙳꙳
• Wilde Like Me Louise Pentland ꙳꙳꙳꙳꙳
• Wilde About the Girl Louise Pentland ꙳꙳꙳꙳꙳
• The Wedding Girl Madeleine Wickham ꙳꙳
• The Gatecrasher Madeleine Wickham ꙳
• Dashing Through the Snow Debbie Macomber ꙳꙳꙳꙳
• Happier Thinking Lana Grace Riva ꙳꙳꙳꙳
• The House of Hopes and Dreams Trisha Ashley ꙳꙳꙳꙳꙳

I have really enjoyed taking part in this summer reading challenge and it has inspired me to not only start this blog but also to set myself some more reading challenges, the first will be another 24 hour readathon in October.


The House of Hopes and Dreams
Trisha Ashley

In The House of Hopes and Dreams we meet Carey Revell who unexpectedly inherits Mossby, the Revell family home and Angel Arrowsmith a stained glass artist who has been living contentedly with her partner.

Both their lives are turned upside down and Carey comes to friend Angel’s rescue and they both move into the rundown Mossby where they set to restore the building but they continue to discover more secrets that the house holds.

This book is full of warmth, fantastic characters, twists and turns and a deep family secret to get to the bottom of.

As with other Trisha Ashley novels I have read, you get completely absorbed into the Angel and Carey’s stories as well as the legends that surrounds Mossby.

There are a host of supporting characters, some more involved than others, but they all bring another layer to the story.

Needless to say I loved it and will be reading more of Ashley’s novels.


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