The Colour of Shadows – Phyllida Shrimpton

The Colour of Shadows
Love, Lies and Secrets
Phyllida Shrimpton

Sometimes you have to let go of everything to find out what you have.

Saffron is looking for family photos in the attic when she finds a secret that’s been kept from her for ten years, a secret that blows apart everything she thought she knew about her family.

Furious with her father, she leaves home. But when Saffron’s friends fail her it turns out she has nowhere to go. As bit by bit her life falls away, Saffron must uncover what’s important to her – but can she find a way to forgive her parents?


The Colour of Shadows is Phyllida Shrimpton’s second young-adult book but the first that I have read and I really enjoyed it.

There was a leading theme of homelessness in this book, and I think this is what drew me in the most. It is an increasing problem in the UK with its awareness becoming more prominent. This book has opened my eyes not only to the extent of the problem but also what it must be like for those who are faced with this battle.

Saffron was the leading character who, after discovering a family secret, leaves home. Without her friends help she finds herself living on the streets.

The book is written from both Saffron’s, and her friend Tom’s viewpoint. My favourite character however, and possibly the most realistic, was Maggie, a woman who had spent most of her life living on the streets.

Although I enjoyed this book, and its twists and turns, I don’t think that it was overly realistic. I’m not sure that in reality the characters, especially Saffron and her family, would have acted in the ways that they did. However, like I have said it didn’t stop me from enjoying the book.


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